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  • OCT

    just:in multi update

    Today we released a new just:in multi version. (release notes below) Please feel free to download the new version and let us know if you see any problems. We would also love to hear your feature requests and/or experiences with just:in multi.

    Release Notes


    • OS X El Capitan support
    • Newest AJA and BMD driver support
    • Stability and performance improvements

    New Features:

    • Automatic closed captions line scan

    Bug Fixes:

    • HDMI input of AJA devices are working again
    • Video/Audio pass-through with AJA devices is working again
    • Non-drop frame timecodes within MXF containers are working properly again
    • Growing MXF files work again with Adobe Premiere Pro

    Known Bugs:

    • Issues with the AJA IoXT in 1080i2997 mode

    Please beware:

    We had to modify how just:in multi fetches the video devices within it's preferences. Therefore this update requires a new configuration and the engine will create new calendars within the OS X Calendar application. Capture-, destination- and naming-presets won't be affected from this update.

  • OCT

    Important information regarding AJA and OSX support

    Please note the following important information regarding AJA and OSX support: 

    Versions prior to v1.8.4 of just:play/live do not support OSX 10.11 or the AJA driver version 12.x.

    OSX 10.11 will be supported with the soon to be released v1.8.4 of just:play/live.

    Full support for AJA v12 drivers will come later this year with version 2.0 of just:play/live.

    As OSX 10.11 requires AJA driver v12.3, we recommend all AJA users to wait for just:play/live version 2.0 and not to update to OSX 10.11.

    AJA users not requiring the AJA DSK (switch to live) can update to OSX 10.11 and AJA driver 12.3 once v1.8.4 is available.

    Please contact the TOA support if you have additional questions.

    Thank you, the Tools On Air support team

  • SEP

    AJA driver

    If you are using just:in multi with AJA hardware, please use driver v12.2.1 for now. AJA has some problems with their new SDK and as soon as we get a new version of their SDK, just:in multi will also support the new AJA driver.

    Best regards,


  • JUL

    just:in multi update

  • FEB

    just:in multi tech note 2015-02-10

    We’ve finished benchmark testing of just:in multi version 1.8 with the current Apple lineup and are pleased to announce the test results. Please open the attached PDF to see the lastest list of supported video boards, performance results and hardware recommendations.

    just in tech note 2015-02-10.pdf