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Empty/wrong library content in just:play/live.

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I set up the repository in just:connect but still cannot see any files (or the wrong files) in just:play/lives library. What can i do to make this work


Versions v1.5 or above the repository for the engine as well as the UI must be configured separately even when both are running on the same machine. Therefore it is important to define folders with the same content for the engine as well as for the UI as the repositories, does not matter if they are the same folders or not, or if they are on the same storage system or not. Setting up the wrong folders (with miss matching content) will result in black screens during the playout!!!


With v1.8 or higher a general (channel) repository setting which is valid for the UI and the engine is available again and is enabled by default. In addition, it is possible to define repositories for single interfaces/engines which are overruling the channel setting.


Drag and Drop a folder or Volume from the Finder into a Terminal window to verify the path of your repository folders. This also works for volumes which are connected via network.


Regardless of which version you are using, setting up the repository folders properly is one of the most important steps when configuring a channel. Please contact the TOA support team in case you need assitance.