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How can I use the On Air window in just:live and just:play? - Knowledgebase / Knowledgebase just:live/play - ToolsOnAir-Support

How can I use the On Air window in just:live and just:play?

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There is a On Air window in just:live but this window does not show everything i play, which options are available?


There are several options available to define what is shown in the On Air window of just:live or just:play. Here are the options:

1. No Live Preview: Turns off any On Air Preview in just:live. In just:play, the poster frame of the currently playing element of the selected layer is shown.

2. Proxy Preview from just:connect: This shows the current output incl. movies and graphics as well as audio bars (but not the passed through signal while playing a Live Event) in the On Air window. Using just:play, the preview changes when switching from one channel to another.

 3. 3rd party hardware device: (NOTE: With v3 and higher, this method is not available anymore) To use this option you need another video devices besides the engines output device. This could be a BMD Mini Monitor Thunderbolt device or a Firewire device like the Canopus ADVC-110. Once the second device is installed/attached at the computer running just:lives/plays UI, you can select this device to show the Preview. To get a picture in the On Air window, you should attach one output of the video device you use for playout at the input of the preview device. Using this method you see the whole signal, so in addition to the movies and graphics files played out by just:out, even the live incoming video is visible in the On Air window when using the DSK based method to switch to live.


Please make sure that you do not use the video output device you use together with just:out as preview device, because this would crash the video cards driver and therefore would stop the playout completely.