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How the Library works using v1.8.5, v2, v2.5 - Knowledgebase / Knowledgebase just:live/play - ToolsOnAir-Support

How the Library works using v1.8.5, v2, v2.5

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The Library of version 1.8.5, version 2 and version 2.5 works a bit different. Here are the differences:


1. v1.8 and lower: Clicking the refresh Library button did not read out the metadata again, but only checked for new files. So even pressing this button, broken files could not be detected. With v2, pressing the button searches for new files but also refresh the metadata of all files. This is very time consuming, so with v2.5 we only look for new files (again) and generate XML sidecar file, if a movie without is detected.

2. With version 1.8.5 all elements got a white font color by default, which means they could be used without finished copying but also in case they where corrupted somehow. With v2, all elements got a red color by default and only once we read out the metadata (which usually also means that the file can be opened) we change the color to white. This is a bit slower, but more secure. With v2.5 we increased the speed this process needs by introducing an XML sidecar file, which holds all the metadata, so we read this information out instead of opening the file every time the Library is opened.


3. New tabs.

With v2 we added the Audio tab to the Library, so customers who would like to schedule audio files can do this by using this new function.


4. New Metadata.

With v2.6 we added Finder related metadata like Created, Modified and Last Opened Date to the Library.

5. All new in v3

v3 brings all the features of v2.6 and higher and a new Trim window as well as the ability to sort the content of the Library by clicking on the column header. It is also possible in v3 to change the width of the Library window and to collapse it into a sidebar which gives a fast access to all tabs.