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Problem with the preview of the UI - Knowledgebase / Knowledgebase just:in / just:in v2.x - ToolsOnAir-Support

Problem with the preview of the UI

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If you are facing problems with the preview, like that it is only showing a freeze frame, then please check the following:

  • Go to the engine preferences and open the channel tab.
  • Then check the communication interface setting. This has to be set to a valid network interface and this network interface should be reachable from the user interface.
  • Furthermore the communication interface must have the same network interface selected as the preview network communication interface within the engine (engine tab) settings.
  • Restart the engine

Please also check if you are having appropriate network settings (IP, Subnet, Router) configured within the Network settings of your Mac. If you are still experience probblems, do not hesitate to contact us.