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Using the LTCin of an AJA card to synchronize the master time - Knowledgebase / Knowledgebase just:live/play - ToolsOnAir-Support

Using the LTCin of an AJA card to synchronize the master time

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How can I connect a LTC timecode source to an AJA Kona or IO Thunderbolt device and what can I do if my video device does not support LTCin but I would like to use this functionality?


Depending on the AJA device you can connect the LTC source to the shared Ref/TC connector or directly to the native LTCin and set up the AJA Control panel like described in the user manual.

If there is no such LTCin available, it is also possible to connect the LTC signal to the audio in mini jack connector of the Mac.


Using TOA version 1.8.5 or lower, the LTCin function does not work with v12.x drivers or higher, so please use an older AJA driver in case you need this function. With TOA version 2.x we support this function also when using AJA driver version 12 or higher.


In the just:out preference pane you can then select the AJA card (or the audio in) as your tc source. In case the resync function is activated, just:out will resync to the master time at the end of each playlist for a maximum of 5 frames. This resync can be turned off for each playlist individually in just:plays inspector.

v3.0 does not support LTCin but this feature has been restored with v3.5. So we ask all customers who would like to use LTCin, to use v3.5 or higher.