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How the Library works using v3 and higher

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 With v2.5 we increased the speed media and metadata are shown, by introducing an XML sidecar file, which holds all the metadata. So we read this information out instead of opening the file every time the Library is opened. Please contact ToolsOnAir for more information and in case you would like to suppress generating the XML sidecar file.

When no Metadata is shown the element cannot be added to the rundown. Usually this is because the frame rate of the Video does not match the frame rate of the playout format or in case of a realtime graphics element because it is based on illegal components. You can still make a right mouse click on such a file for available functions.

At the bottom of the Library you can find the following  elements (depending on the selected tab):

Preview Area: Shows a preview of the currently selected element and allows you to:

  • Video: Preview the Video (Audio is played out using the System Audio device)

  • Audio: Listen to the audio file.

  • Graphic: Preview a Graphics file. In case it has a stop frame, the stop frame will be handled like On Air.

  • Event: No preview.

  • Playlists: No preview.

Search Field: Allows you to search for files and related metadata in the repositories. Click on the magnifying glass to select the metadata column you want to use for the search.

Control area:

  • Trim Window: Select a Movie and click this button to open the Trim Editor.

  • Open/Close Preview: Shows or hides the preview area (if available for the selected element). 

  • Refresh: Refreshes the content of the Library. This is useful in all situations where the content of the Library is not updated automatically. This can be the case because your disk storage does not support file system events or in situations where the metadata sidecar file is not generated correctly. In this case, pressing the refresh button only writes new sidecar files, but does not overwrite already existing sidecar XMLs.