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How to import plain text playlists? - Knowledgebase / just:live/play - ToolsOnAir-Support

How to import plain text playlists?

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There is a function in just:play for importing text-file playlists in any standard "delimited" format such as comma separated values (CSV) or tab, colon, semicolon or pipe separated values. It is available in   just:play via the "File -> Import Text (CSV) Playlist" command or the Command-I shortcut. Within the text file one or more "columns" of data may be defined and these columns can be mapped to "full path", "path only" and "file only" when importing. In the case of "full path" only one column of data is required that contains the complete path and filename of the clip to play. With "path only" and "file only" two columns of data are required where the first defines just the path and the second the filename of the clip. Together these define the full path of the clip to play out, such as "/Volumes/.../" and "" to give the full path "/Volumes/.../". When importing a playlist the file must conform to one of these two options. In addition, an optional name / description field may be defined in the data. If specified, the text defined in this column is used as the label specified in  just:play's workbench for each clip. Finally, there is also an option to ignore the first row of data which is often useful if the first row of data in the file specifies the names of the columns of data rather than actual data.

When importing the textfile a playlist template is automatically created in the "Playlist" tab shown in  just:play's library view. The name of the container is the same as the name of the text file being imported ("Playlist.txt" will result in a container file called "Playlist.xml" with the name "Playlist").

If any of the clips in the playlist can not be found during the import they are listed in the "warnings" table and are not included in the resulting container. You can disable the check during import, by deactivating the corresponding function in the  just:play preferences.

Once the playlist is imported to a playlist template it can be dragged from the library view to the calendar view in order to insert it into the rundown. To import a just:out "As-Run log" you must select UTF-8 and not ASCII when importing the textfile in just:play.

When useing TextEdit to build the playlist, make sure that you have Make Plain Text selected under the Format menue