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How to install a new version over an older version? - Knowledgebase / General Information - ToolsOnAir-Support

How to install a new version over an older version?

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I already use software from Tools On Air. Now that there are newer versions available i would like to know how i can perform an upgrade?


Usually a simple installation over the currently installed version will work. All the presets (just:in) and all the channel informations (just:play/live) should be available after that.

In our download area we provide an uninstaller for those customers who would like to do an uninstall of the current installed version. Please note that this uninstaller will only uninstall those parts which have been installed by the installer before, presets and channel files will not be uninstalled. You can find the just:in presets under /Library/Application Support/Tools On Air/Just In/ and the channel file under /Library/Application Support/Tools On Air/Just Connect/.


There is no need to uninstall applications which are provided as an image (.dmg). Simply delete the Just:In/Play/Live, Composition Builder or Live Cut folder from the Applications folder to remove the application from your disk drive.