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How to report a bug, crash or feature request - Knowledgebase / General Information - ToolsOnAir-Support

How to report a bug, crash or feature request

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If you want to inform us about a bug or you can think of a feature which might be added in future releases, please follow these instructions.


Use this support system for sending us bugs or feature requests. In the "Ask a Question" section you can start a ticket which allows you to get direct contact to our team.


If you are an existing user, please send us the maintenance contract # with the report. This will allow us to help you even faster.

Before you send a bug report to us, please try to reproduce the problem and send us the exact steps you have done together with the following information:

  •  Who reports the bug
  • System configuration: Information about the Mac OS Version, Video device, Graphics card, Memory and the storage system you are using. You can use the System Profiler to create a detailed report: Apple Menu => About This Mac => More Info… => File => Save As…
    Using v1.6 and higher you can also use the Tools On Air System Profile. This saves almost all important information with a single mouse click. Consult the manual for more information.

In addition we need to know:

  • Codecs of the video files and the driver version of the video card
  • Which storage system is in use and how is it configured
  • Quartz files or Composition Builder files you are using (when using our rt graphics components in our play out)
  • What happend exactly? What is the problem? Best would be a 1-2-3 description how to reproduce the problem. Also the information if it has been working before and if so, since when it does not work any more, would be useful.
  • Crash report (if available)
  • Which TOA software are you using incl. the version number (please keep in mind, that we can support only the most current version and one version lower) and information about the way you use our software (everything on one machine or distributed usage on different machines)
  • Has there anything changed since the last time the system worked properly?

If we can't reproduce the problem we'll get back to you for more information.

Thank you!


The Tools On Air Team