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Just Control - Adjust Date and Time format

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The Date and Time format within Just Control can be changed, in order to customise these settings for a specific workflow. By using macOS Monterey or earlier, the Date and Time format settings could be changed by using the macOS System Preferences (Date & Time Pref Pane). Please find more information within our User Manual.

With macOS Ventura (13.x) Apple changed this specific setting completely and therefore this customisation method is not longer possible. Fortunately there is a workaround, which can be used to customise the Date and Time format. Please use following macOS Terminal Commands to adjust the Date and Time format:


defaults write -g AppleICUDateFormatStrings -dict 4 "ddMMyyyy"


defaults write -g AppleICUTimeFormatStrings -dict 4 "HHmm"

Make sure Just Control is closed, while entering the Terminal commands above. Please be aware that you can not change the Date format within the Language & Region Pref Pane within the System Preference Pane from now on, as you override the custom Date and Time settings with this step again.